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Vacancy: Senior Political Advisor & Head of MEP Office

Vacancy: Senior Political Advisor & Head of MEP Office

Help me shape the future of Europe’s internet and technology. You will lead my office, and ensure consistency of the team’s work across all our areas of work.
Our regulation of technology should reflect the values underpinning the rest of our society without impeding on the unique opportunities of a free and open internet. It is important for me to ensure that we modernise the regulation of the digital world in order to reflect the values of our European Union, which is a community of values supported by a single market.

You will be in charge of making sure that during my first term in office, I will be on top of developments in the European Parliament, and that things are running smoothly.

You have experience of how the parliament works in practice or know how you will get the knowledge that you need. You will be my political adviser, researcher, side-kick and representative.

Your main tasks and responsibilities will be

  • Keep on top of developments and maintain a vibrant network in the sphere of digital rights and industry in order to focus my work the EP committees of JURI and IMCO,
  • Be my representative in meetings with stakeholders, in coordination meetings with other members of parliament or within the Renew Europe group;
  • Draft analysis, reports and amendments, as well as communication about our work to the “outside world”;
  • Attend preparatory meetings with the team of the other Radikale Venstre MEP Morten Helveg Petersen;
  • As the head of office you will coordinate and lead the work of our office and our collaboration with outside partners. You will be reporting directly to me.
  • Alongside myself, you will be responsible for maintaining our values once the rubber hits the road.

Some of your competences, qualifications or experience

  • Very strong analytical and policy skills, with expertise in European digital policy or the capability to quickly acquire such expertise.
  • Understanding of the mechanics of policy and legislative work in the European Parliament and political groups within the parliament.
  • Outspoken and willing to stand up for your opinions and views – both within the team and outside the team;
  • Sociable and at ease in a multicultural environment.

Working hours, location and salary

Full time (37 hours pr week), with flexible working hours. On rare occasions you may be called to work evenings or weekends.Place of work will be Brussels with regular missions to Strasbourg (plenary sessions) and Denmark. Salary is according to MEP assistant grade system. Grade placement according to experience and education.

How we will work as a team

You will be the head of my office, which when fully staffed will also include 1 policy advisor with communication responsibility, 2 interns (policy and communication) and an office manager (possibly shared with one or more MEPs. This and other positions are expected to be filled by October.

We will be collaborating with staff based in Copenhagen: an EU policy advisor shared with the secretariat of the Radikale Venstre group in the Danish national Parliament as well as a press advisor for the Radikale delegation.

Transparency, accountability and integrity are essential as the basis for any public office, including the office of an MEP.

There will be no tolerance for discrimination or harrasment inside of the office or towards external partners. As my head of office you will be responsible to ensure that this policy is upheld by the entire office.

To Apply

Equal opportunities and rights for all are what we will be working towards in society, and our office will aim to reflect this. The more inclusive we are, the better our results will be. I want to celebrate diversity and I am committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. I hope, if you are a member of a historically marginalized group, that you will consider applying.

Please send your application via the form below by 20 August 2019 or her: through this link to the Podio form

For more information about this position please contact me on duolc.atsnik.roihclemnerakobfsctd@ofni or +4525883309

Short-listed candidates will be invited to interviews between 21nd-23rd of August (face-to-face in Copenhagen or via Skype) or 2nd – 6th of September (face-to-face in Brussels or via Skype).

Until Podio form is actived  please use this link to the Podio form


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