Life in the city every day, not just for big events

Karen 238

Copenhagen must be ambitious to make the city livable for Copenhageners – everyday. City life is as much about life on its streets, as life in its buildings. Streets should be welcoming, safe and clean – and designed for people first and cars second. Infrastructure should be built with focus on people walking and cycling,…

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Future of Copenhagen is Digital, Local and Circular

Our children should be digital creators. Digital competences should be a central part of the curriculum of every Copenhagen school, and digital should be combine/d with physical production. Our children should be able to go from idea to product. Production is increasingly digital and individualised. Kids should be able to use 3D printers, CFC milling…

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My Copenhagen

Coffee with Karen

Copenhagen should continue to be open to the world and welcome those willing to shape Copenhagen into a flourishing, creative and diverse city. I want Copenhagen to grow but keep its human scale, its closeness to nature, and to keep its main transport as walking and cycling. I am European as well as Danish. I…

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Inclusive Open Copenhagen

Karen 120

Inclusion does not mean that we should all be identical. We should all be able to access, participate, being welcome and respected in the life of the Copenhagen. We all have talents that can contribute to the city. We all have a voice that should be heard. I want a strong and firm social policy…

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