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My name is Karen, I am European and Danish. I was born in 1980, and I have lived in Brussels, London, Strasbourg, Marseille – and Copenhagen.

I hold an MA in Law as well as a Master of Public Administration from the French School of Administration (ENA). I worked for more than 10 years in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat. After that, I worked with data protection law and IT security at Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarkeds og Rekruttering.

In 2016, I felt growing frustration with the state of politics in Denmark and the EU. For me, there was only one option: to become even more involved. This is why I decided to run for office. In 2017, I was elected to Copenhagen City Council, where I served on the Social Committee and the Health and Care Committee. And at the European elections of 2019, I became a Danish Member of the European Parliament after obtaining 17 292 preferences. I joined Renew Europe, the third-largest political group in the European Parliament.

Karen MELCHIOR official portrait 9th Parliamentary term

As an MEP, I am a member of three Committees: Legal Affairs (for which I am also Renew’s coordinator), Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (for which I am deputy coordinator) and Internal Market and Consumer Protection (for which I am a substitute).

I want to listen more. To do more. I believe that commitment is important. If you stand for office, then you can be elected. If you turn up to vote, then your vote can make a difference.

Political systems are created by people. They can also be changed by people. We cannot afford to let our frustrations grow to the point where they overshadow our capacity for action. Hate can be triggered as easily as hope. The society we have built, based on cooperation and freedom, is fragile. We need to fight every day to sustain it.

We can achieve a lot if we dare to try! Let’s roll up our sleeves, lift our gaze, and work together to create the kind of world we want. For ourselves, and for young people, who will live with the consequences of our choices. Let’s get involved!

You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions about my programme and my political work.

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