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Copenhagen should continue to be open to the world and welcome those willing to shape Copenhagen into a flourishing, creative and diverse city. I want Copenhagen to grow but keep its human scale, its closeness to nature, and to keep its main transport as walking and cycling.

I am European as well as Danish. I will make the administration open their doors, to show Copenhagen’s open heart and ensure Copenhagen and its administration is accessible to both Danes and its international residents. When you have made Copenhagen your home, I want to make sure you feel welcome and participate in shaping the city. Participation is the first step towards being and feeling included in society.

I am a candidate for Radikale Venstre, the Danish Social Liberal party, for the Municipal Election in Copenhagen on the 21st of November.

I am European as well as Danish. I have lived in Brussels, London, Strasbourg, Marseille – and Copenhagen. After a decade as a Danish diplomat, I now work with data protection law. I am 37 years old and hold a MA in Law as well as a Master of Public Administration from the French School of Administration (ENA)

You can vote in the municipal elections if you are an EU citizen or a citizen from Iceland or Norway or if you have had your residence in Denmark for the last 3 years. When you have the right to vote, then you are automatically registered to vote.

It is extremely important for me that we all have a voice in our society, I hope that you will use your right to vote and help shape the city you are a citizen in.

You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions about the election or my political programme.

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