photo by Amanda Thomsen

photo by Amanda Thomsen

I am a foreign policy professional with an academic background in law. I have worked more than 7 years in the political systems of the EU, Denmark, UK and France.

We need to put the politics back into European politics. Work towards an open innovative Europe. A Europe that works for its citizens. A Europe where we can travel, live, work and love where we chose to without fear of discrimination or of bureaucracy.

The challenges we are facing today are of a scale that we need to look for solutions at a European level. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves or to try and follow ourselves that we will do better on our own.

We need a Europe that creates jobs and feeds innovation. Europe should not become the museum of the world.

Europe should be part of ensuring a better world. We need an open and free internet. We need to reduce CO2 emissions to stop global warming. We need to ensure that people are allowed to seek asylum in European countries when persecuted because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.