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Our voice should be matter: Multimodal digital mobility services

On behalf of the Renew Europe Group and the Greens, we have written a letter to President Ursula von der Leyen, the Vice-Presidents and the Commissioner.

We raised the issue of the legislative proposal on digital mobility services, which was originally intended to be adopted in the 2022 work programme to boost digital solutions and support integrated and sustainable mobility.
The letter is also particularly important because EU citizens have the right to uniform and easy access to mobility tools, which can only be achieved through the liberalisation of ticketing systems.
The proposed measure will make it easier to buy tickets for all forms of public transport, giving citizens the opportunity to travel in a more transparent, transparent, simple and green way. 

Hungarian all purpose ticketNowadays, consumers, those who want to travel, face the problem that if they want to travel across several countries or to travel across several countries, they need to download various apps, register with a ticketing system. Moreover, one of the rather burning problems, however, is that some companies abuse these by using anti-competitive methods to make themselves unavoidable, including competition on ticket prices. For example, a particular operator will make a ticket on their own network the cheapest on their own platform, thus driving potential passengers in the same direction.

The Commission must draw up a proposal to combat the actions of dominant companies and guarantee the use of uniform, non-discriminatory integrated ticketing systems, as this is an important aspect of achieving a green deal, particularly in cross-border connections.

You can read the letter here.

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