Life in the city every day, not just for big events

Copenhagen must be ambitious to make the city livable for Copenhageners – everyday. City life is as much about life on its streets, as life in its buildings. Streets should be welcoming, safe and clean – and designed for people first and cars second. Infrastructure should be built with focus on people walking and cycling, not only for people in cars. Trees and pockets of green should be maintained or created to provide a spot to calm the mind or let the children play. Copenhagen should be connected by green corridors: Allowing people to move from one part of the city to another through corridors of green space. Linking pockets of green with green corridors would improve active transport and well-being.

We must create a city in which our children can spend time being physically active and outside. This is one of the best things about Copenhagen as well as Denmark. This is something that we must maintain in Copenhagen. So that our children do not only live in a digital world, which make connect them digitally but isolate them physically. Why need both. Being present in our neighbourhoods – both children and adults – allows for greater social participation and community, as well as physical activity and fresh air.

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