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Suggested Public Diplomacy Reading (work in progress)

Here is a list of books and articles, which write about or give a good introduction to the concept of Public Diplomacy. Please let me and others know in the comments if you have any recommendations. Thank you.

I am reading and using this recent book/casestudy

“New Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century – A comparative study of policy and practice”

A good recent case study / introduction by James Pamment from Karlstadt University.

First 3 chapters cover Introduction, methodology, origins, changes and perspectives: A bit theoretic for me, but had many good points and good references to previous litterature and theories about public diplomacy.

3 case studies of USA, UK and Sweden, which I haven’t read properly yet.

I can recommend this

Introduction to Public Diplomacy first published in 2002 by The Foreign Policy Centre  ©The Foreign Policy Centre 2002; ISBN 1-903558-131

It is written by (information from the book/pdf, so also dates from 2002):

Mark Leonard is Director of The Foreign Policy Centre. He has written widely on European Integration and legitimacy including his acclaimed pamphlet Network Europe (Foreign Policy Centre 1999) and The Pro-European Reader (with Dick Leonard, Palgrave 2002). His work on “Rebranding Britain” led to an international debate on branding countries and inspired the Foreign Secretary to launch Panel 2000, a taskforce to advise him on promoting Britain abroad. Mark has built on this with influential studies on public diplomacy including the report Going Public: Diplomacy for the Information Society (with Vidhya Alakeson, Foreign Policy Centre 2000). Mark writes and broadcasts extensively on British, European and International Politics. He has acted as a consultant on identity for foreign governments and private companies. Mark previously worked as senior researcher at the think-tank Demos and as a trainee journalist at The Economist.

Catherine Stead , the project director for the public diplomacy research, was seconded to The Foreign Policy Centre from the British Council. Prior to that she spent three years working for the British Council in the Baltic States. She has ten years experience of conducting public diplomacy in the field.

Conrad Smewing joined the Foreign Policy Centre as Mark Leonard’s assistant after completing an MPhil in International Relations at the University of Cambridge.”

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