Global Encryption Day – Stop Scanning Us

Whether citizens know it or not, encryption is at the heart of everything we do: it protects our bank cards and ID, keeps us safe when shopping online, and keeps our conversations private.On this #GlobalEncryptionDay i think it is important to recognise, however, that encryption  is under attack from all sides, including in the European Union.

The Commission’s “Chat Control” proposal is the latest and largest of such attacks. It would subject all our conversations to government-mandated error-prone scanning systems, effectively ending the right to private correspondence.

This proposal will not go unopposed in Parliament: to mark #GlobalEncryptionDay, I met with many of my colleagues who share my concerns.

The message for the Commission is clear: breaking encryption isn’t a magic solution to your problems, it is putting millions of people’s safety and fundamental rights at risk – and it is unacceptable!

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