Back in Copenhagen

I have been back in Copenhagen and the HQ at Asiatisk Plads for a month now. Enjoying life back home in new surroundings and with new challenges.

Settling in has not been as difficult as feared. I’ve landed in an interesting area of work with high level of activity. Disarmament and non-proliferation. We’ve moved into a great flat in an exciting neighbourhood close to parks, my work, family, friends and the centre of Copenhagen. I enjoy cycling around my home town where the cycle is king.

I am still keeping up my interest in how the digital world and social media intersect with the work of diplomats. A few projects on this have popped up and I will be presenting them to you here in due course.

As part of these projects and in order to keep better track of what I read especially on twitter, I will try to make stories on storify if there has been interesting discussions that I will like to go back to or share with others.

My enthusiasm for the possibilities of the digital sphere for diplomacy has led to many good conversations with colleagues. Being posted at an embassy there is a large scope for putting in place new projects, which has been great during my time in London. However being back home setting up new projects may need more careful consideration, but if they go through, then I hope they can change the way that the whole ministry works and not just one embassy.


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