Work Experience

1 September 2012 – present

Stabilisation and Security Policy Department

Head of Section (non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical and nuclear))

Coordinating Danish policy, strategy and communication on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Leading taskforce to reform and incorporate social media in communication of Department. Actively cooperating with research institutions (Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen).

1 May 2009 – 1 September 2012
Danish Embassy in the UK
First Secretary, Political and European Department

Responsible for managing two staff to ensure reporting on the following issues: Within European and national policy: Climate and Energy, Transport, Agriculture and Fisheries, human rights, and within foreign and multilateral policy: Middle East and North Africa, Africa, South East Asia and Development.

Beyond reporting engaging with UK contacts and experts is a key task. This enables us to make the right connections to allow Denmark to benefit from knowledge and experience of contacts in the UK.

We also organise the more practical side  visits to the UK by Danish parliament, ministers and senior civil servants as well as media engagement both with UK, Danish and international media.  In this work I am responsible for managing a team of 5 people.

Stagiaire ENA  September 2008 – January 2009
Mairé de la Ville de Marseille

Stagiaire ENA under the supervision of Directeur Général des Services M. Jean-Claude GONDARD, Chief Executive of the municipal administration.

Developing a municipal Employment plan 2009-2014 together with Marseille Mission Emploi in coordination with all the different municipal entities having an interest in employment issues. For the final plan see here

Mapping of municipal facilities with the department for Urban development as part of municipal efforts of the ‘Politique de la Ville‘ in order to better coordinate provision of municipal services e.g. for vulnerable groups.

Launching and Coordinating work in three committees chaired by the Chief Executive 1) effective use of municipal resources,  2) rejuvenation of municipal projects 3) preparation of Marseille European Capital of Culture  2013.

February 2008 –  June 2008
Secretariat General des Affaires Européennes

Stagiaire ENA in the Justice and Home Affaires department of the ‘SGAE‘ (Secretariat Generelle des Affaires Europennes).

I was responsible for the work on civil law cooperation in EU in coordination with a team of three.  I also participated in weekly meeting for heads of  sections chaired by Secretary General of European Affairs M. Gilles BRIATTA.

1 June 2006 – 1 December 2007
Trade Policy Department, Danish Foreign Ministry
Head of Section

Covering WTO and EU negotiations, responsible for anti-dumping, subsidies, intellectual property rights and WTO disputes. Responsible for coori

Coordinating of Danish position on EU external trade between ministries but also consulting civil society. Developing a new Danish trade strategy to better engage with the emerging economies, and Danish strategy on protection of copyright,

Providing political counselling of Danish companies on issues with other governments and authorities.

July 2006 – August 2006
Consular Department, Danish Foreign Ministry
Head of Section (on loan)
I was part of the team that organized communication in relation to and evacuation of Danes in Lebanon during the war between Israel and Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Denmark managed to be the first country to have evacuated Danish nationals and residents from Lebanon, even if the number present exceeded all initial expectations with 8000 persons to be evacuated. This was managed through a flexible organization and communication along with good contacts and transport opportunities in Lebanon and Syria.

27 January 2006 – 2006
Middle East and North Africa Department, Danish Foreign Ministry
Head of Section (on loan)

Part of the crisis team that was set up in Copenhagen to follow developments during the ‘Cartoon Crisis’.
Monitoring developments and producing reports to senior officials  based on information from Danish representations.
Responding to rumours and false stories that circulated on the internet by publishing facts and FAQ on the ministry’s website.

15 October 2005 – 24 December 2005
Middle East and North Africa Department, Danish Foreign Ministry
Head of Section

Part of the team organizing Out of Country Voting in Copenhagen for Iraqi nationals resident in Denmark, North Germany and Southern Sweden. The voting was organised by the Iraqi Government through Iraqi nationals in Denmark.

The Foreign Ministry was helping to ensure that electoral procedures were followed and the smooth cooperation between all Danish authorities and the organisation team. The Foreign Ministry also sent Danish electoral observers to Iraq.

For information about out of country voting for the Iraqi parliamentary elections in December 2005, see here

1 August 2005 – 1 June 2006

European Policy Department, Danish Foreign Ministry
Head of Section

Responsible for Institutional affairs incl. selection procedure for new members of European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

I was responsible for finalising, launching and executing a campaign for informing and attracting Danish candidates to apply for the 2005 general concours for the EU institutions which resulted in a record number of candidates who signed up.

I was responsible for setting the syllubus of a one day training course with Danmarks Forvaltningshøjskole. The training courses were held in a number of locations in Denmark and in Brussels, Belgium in November 2005.

See information about concours campaign and training courses:

1 October 2004 – 28 February 2005
Legal Service, European Commission
Stagiaire at the RELEX team.

Providing legal research for WTO antidumping and subsidies cases.
Providing legal research on European Customs Legislation in relation to an WTO-case concerning GATT article X.
Working on two Danish cases before the ECJ, concerning Product Liability and State Aid.
Evaluating Commission Financial Decisions

1 March 2004 – 30 September 2004
Danish Ministry of Justice, Law department, penal law office
Law student – assistant

Writing responses to citizens concerning numerous queries on criminal law; Research on implementation in Denmark of Council of Europe conventions, e.g. Convention on Cyber Crime.

1 September 2003 – 30 January 2004
Permanent Representation of Denmark to the EU, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Participating as an observer in working group meetings in the Council esp. on asylum issues;Helping to prepare COREPER and Council meetings; wrote notes on the proceedings to send back to the relevant ministries in Copenhagen; Monitoring LIBE, the Committee for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament and reporting back to the attachés at the representation and to the relevant ministries in Copenhagen.

1 November 2001 – 1 August 2002
EU law department, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Providing legal research on EC law and EU case-law for the course in EC law given to undergraduate students

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