My mother tongue is Danish, most of my primary, secondary and university education was in Denmark and in Danish

Having lived in Zambia in 1992-1994 where I attended American International School (then called American Embassy School Lusaka) and later worked at the Danish embassy in London since 2009, I have reached a near-native speaker level English.

I have been taught French since the age of 12 and spent more than 3 years in France studying at both graduate and post-graduate level as well as working in the French administration. My level of French is  fluent in written as well as spoken French

After having worked on a number of issues related to the Middle East in 2005-6, I decided to start learning Arabic. I have obtained a basic level of Arabic after having  followed a number of courses over the years.

I started at the Language Centre of the Danish ministry of Foreign Affairs learning Egyptian dialect. After moving to  France and later the United Kingdom I started learning Modern Standard Arabic as well as a bit of Levantine dialect at SOAS as evening classes from October 2009 – June 2010

In 2010 I spent 5 weeks in Syria, at the Danish Institute in Damascus, where I attended 4 week intensive course (80 hrs) studying Modern Standard Arabic at the internationally recognised Arabic course at the Higher Language Institute, Damascus University.

(See an episode of BBC’s programme From Our Own Correspondent about studying Arabic in Damascus in 2009.)

In 2011, I spent 3 weeks in Egypt, where I studied Modern Standard Arabic at The International Language Institute.

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