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20 February 2014

Interview with VilaWebKaren Melchior: ‘Una Catalunya independent hauria de ser benvinguda a la UE’ 

Entrevista a la candidata danesa d’Esquerra Radical a les eleccions europees · Defensa el dret de decidir dels catalans

16 February 2014

Blog on Open Democracy in their series, Can Europe Make It?:

Who decides how European elections work: the party or the electorate?


Feature written for Canada International Council on Twitter and Diplomacy – From Diplomat to Twiplomat (17 Oct 2012)


Interview with DiPLO – Establishing a strong online presence – Interview with Karen Melchior, Danish Diplomat in London ( early 2011)

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During the August riots in the UK, there was great demand from Danish media for information from the Embassy about the situation and what Danes in the UK and London should do. As chargé d’affaires I was interviewed a number of times to live Danish national TV.

Interview to Danish Newagency Ritzau as published by

Transcript of interview with Danish National TV station

Live Interview (in Danish) on TV2 nyhederne:  (10 August 2011)


Live Interview (in Danish) on DR Update: (10 August 2011) (link still not working )


(Featured image is Creative Commons Licence from Kuengis on flickr )

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