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Breaking Free With Stars With EP2014

Response to @TonyLbxl’s "Will 2014 be Europe’s Twitter election?"


For a democratic, innovative and modern Europe, I have pledged to defend digital rights

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Europeans voting in the European Parliament Election in Denmark

Kaffe Og LGBT

Liberals 4 Equality – Starting the ALDE network for LBGT rights

Around Exeter W Worths (4)

London, Brussels, Bonn and Hamburg for catch up, meet up and tweet-up

Klar Til At Tale Med Folk Og At Dele Radikale Balloner, Vindmøller Og Flyers Ud.

Karen as a candidate to the European Parliament, what do you think?

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Getting the telecoms industry flustered – Kroes must be doing something right

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Young researchers, Danish universities and long term attraction

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Yes, Europe has a demos!