A modern, accessible and European candidate for the European Parliament

I am a candidate for the European Parliament for Radikale Venstre in Denmark. The Danish social-liberal party.

Politics must be transparent, accessible and modern reflecting the kind of society we want. Politics need to listen. We need a Europe that works for us. A Europe where we can travel, live, work and love where we chose to without fear of discrimination or of endless bureaucracy. The politics of Europe must to support and reflect this.

The challenges we are facing today are of a scale that we need to look for solutions at a European level. We cannot afford to isolate ourselves or to try and fool ourselves that we will do better on our own. I want an open innovative Europe. We need an open and free internet. We need a Europe that creates jobs and feeds innovation. Europe should not become the museum of the world. We need to take responsibility for the future by continuing the drive for reducing CO2 emissions to stop global warming via international negotiations and via small but important steps in Europe on productstandards and other energy efficiency measures.

I am a European citizen. We are European citizens.
The last ten years, I have lived as much in other countries in the EU as I have lived in Denmark. Many of us are either living in a country that does not match their nationality or together with partners from other EU countries.

We are Europeans and our lives are increasingly digital with a global out-look. We know the importance of a single EU, where we can live, travel and love across border, where we don’t have to apply for a workvisa or jump ropes of red tape. We also know when things are not aligned, when just a little tweaking could have saved hours of hassle from either companies or Goverment authorities.

We need a Europe that works for its citizens. We need to be able to move freely.
We need an innovative and progressive Europe for jobs and growth, where we can travel, live, work and love where we chose. Europe needs more mobility not less. Free movement and an open labour market have benefited Nordic citizens for nearly 60 years. Mobile EU citizens help alleviate skills shortages and labour market bottlenecks. When competitiveness is uneven, we need to facilitate mobility – not constrain it. EU legislation is in place ensuring that the free movement works in practice and workers are properly covered by benefit and insurance schemes.

We must invest in the future and not the past for a Europe creating jobs and innovation.
The digital economy is vital to jobs. We need an open and free internet with improved access, net neutrality and a genuine digital single market. We need to allow the internet to bloom instead of protecting outdated business models and limiting a free market.

We need an EU stronger in the world and need our rights protected at home online as well as offline
The challenges we face today need solutions at a European level. Isolation is not an option. As the largest single market, Europe is a super power. I want a responsible Europe ensuring a better world. We must strengthen promotion of human rights and democracy within Europe and in the world and be a force for positive change in the world. Mass surveillance and censorship are detrimental to democracy and security. Our rights are not fully protected within the EU if not all aspects of discrimination is dealt with. We must have the right to equally, freely and openly chose who we love and who we are.

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